360 tours

360 tour of MDDA office - HDR imaging, navigation with fullscreen mode, print quality version for free. 
Studio33 are specialists providing stunning, full screen HDR (high dynamic range) virtual tours and immersive 360° panoramas. We build virtual tours aimed at marketing businesses large or small, by increasing website profile and potential and adding valued content.
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Virtual tours are cost-effective, marketing tools that allow you to show your business and premises in a more engaging and immersive way.
All our work is bespoke to individual requirements and any part of a tour can be adapted your needs.

Virtual tours can be used for many applications:
Tourism centers and hotels
Better present their services.
Shopping centers and stores
Enable visiting and shopping virtually for customer and potential investors.
Estate agents
Give potential property owners a convenient and realistic view.
Universities and colleges
Use for evidence, archiving, research and tours.
Museums and art galleries
Extend the range of visitors.
Companies and organizations
Can present their products, services, activities and branch layouts with greater awareness.
Exhibitions And shows
can present their exhibitions in a unique and engaging way, attracting more visitors.

We are pleased to offer Flash virtual tours and panoramas for interior or exterior spaces.
All tours come standard with HDR imaging (to see all details in the lightest and darkest parts of the movie), navigation, fullscreen facility and a print version of the 360 tour (most chage for a print version of a tour.)
We can provide tours as individual movies, movies with ‘hotspots’ to link your movies together or with a floorplan, where users can click on ‘hotspots’ on the floorplan, then be taken to that view.

We can provide tours, not just in the Manchester area, but also UK wide.

Do you need to attract more customers to your website? Do you have the need to show your web presence to its best?
A 360 virtual tour will help you promote and sell your products and services. Bassmedia has built a wide variety of 360 virtual tours and we feel we offer the best quality and value around.
An image is worth a thousand words. Then a 360 tour will promote your message far clearer than any amount of text.

What do you get? – a flash based 360 tour showing 360 degrees of view which has a navigation for viewing the whole 360 degrees, full screen mode, HDR imaging as standard ( to see detail in the lightest and darkest parts of the tour – what other company charge you for!) and a print quality version of the tour free.
If you want more than one tour, we can build multiple tours for you and link the tours together via hotspots with rollover information or a complete floorplan with information panels.

Benefits –
a 360 tour adds a strong cost effective message to your site.
Attract more visitors to your site.
Increase awareness of your site for restaurants, exhibitions, hotels, guesthouses, bars, real estate, property management or anywhere you wish to show off an interior or exterior space.
Views not achievable by other methods.
A wow factor to your site making the user experience more memorable.
A flash based 360 tour (as the vast majority of users have flash installed. Quicktime and Java can be produced but only if requested.)
The tours can be used in other flash applications – example a flash map facility on your site – adding a flash 360 tour will increase the user experience.

Ideas –
The more interesting the 360 tour the better for us! We have built 360 virtual tours inside cars, caravans, even in a fridge! So no matter where you have the idea for your 360 tour, we would be happy to help.

As we are versed in flash, we can integrate your 360 tour into another flash application or build a flash banner featuring your 360 virtual tour or imagery. Please see our information panel as a possible example – features animation and a ‘tell a friend’ form to forward the 360 tour details to a friend, thus working very nicely as viral marketing.

Facebook or LinkedIn – if you use Facebook or LinkedIn you can use a 360 tour as an application to show off an interior or exterior space to its max. With the vast audience of these sites, a 360 tour will add to your web presence and maximise your potential on these sites. Please see this 360 tour as a Facebook application – http://apps.facebook.com/virtualttour/

Example 360 tours

Please click the images below to view the individual tours.

Business North West Show – Manchester Central.
Business Show 360 tour

Lime Bar, Salford Quays, Manchester.
Lime Bar 360 tour

Lowry Executive Bar, Salford Quays, Manchester.
Lowry Bar 360 tour

Samsi Restaurant, Specialising in Japanese cuisine, Manchester.
samsi japanese reataurant 360 tour

Sound Control (now PMT), Salford, Manchester.
Sound Control Music Shop (now PMT) 360 tour

Cmig.net – City Of Manchester Gymnastics.

cmig 360 tour